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​All of the videos that have been uploaded on the Sports Trading Life Youtube channel. All in one place for your convenience! Includes videos that are now NO longer available on Youtube. 

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​​Horse Racing - SIX Profitable Strategies

​​​​​​​Lay the ​field - Extra Tips

​​​Lay the field strategy explained

​Laying 0-0 Correct Score

​​​​​​​Lay the draw SECRET trick!

​​Football Trading - 30GBP INTO 500GBP!!

​​​​​How to become a PRO Sports Trader

​​​​​​3 Betfair Myths Busted!

​​Football Trading - 30GBP INTO 500GBP!!

​​​​#1 Biggest Football Trading Mistake

​​​​​Maria Laying System

​Crazy Trade On Bayern Munich

​​​L​ow Risk, High Reward Football Trades

​​​​How To MAXIMISE Profits

​£20 into £799 in 1 Football Trade [AMAZING]

​​​Laying The Winning Team In Football

​​​Football Trading Vs Tennis Trading

​​​T​he truth about VAR

​​Correct Score Market Explained

​​Dutching Correct Scores!

​​​Tennis - Lay The Leader Strategy

​How To Handle Losses!

​Lay The Draw + 1-1 Case Study

​​How To Trade Next Manager Markets

How To Use a Trailing Stop Loss In Football

How To ​Predict Price Moves In Football

​The Tennis Domination Strategy

​Lay The Server Tennis Strategy 

​Back The Server Tennis Strategy

​​Tennis Trading - Predict Price Moves

​​Back The Favourite - Profit Boost Method

​​How To Predict A Draw 

​​​The Domination Method 

​​B​etfair Charts Explained

​​​Betfair Trading Tips, Tricks & Hacks

​How To Trade Over 2.5 Goals 

​6 Figure Football Trading Secrets

​Matched Betting Vs Betfair Trading

​How To Trade ​Under 2.5 Goals