David is a UFT member who was invited to be a beta tester in return for an honest written review of xG Football Trading. He was not compensated in anyway for providing this xG Football Trading review.

As a seasoned UFT member with a five-year stint and a profitable football trader on the Betfair platform, my journey has been about continuously honing my trading skills to stay ahead in the game.

When the invitation to beta test the “xG Football Trading” course came knocking this summer, it was a hard-to-resist opportunity to perhaps stumble upon new strategies that could potentially redefine my trading playbook.

With a commitment to providing an unbiased review despite my early access, here’s a deep dive into what this course entails and how it has personally shifted my trading dynamics since the onset of the season.

Module One: The Bedrock of xG Mastery

The course opens its doors into a realm of Expected Goals (xG) mastery through its first module. The intricacy of xG data, though easily accessible, poses a challenge in interpretation, and this module aims to bridge that gap.

‘xG Cognizance’ is the starting point, catering to all, whether you’re just dipping your toes or already knee-deep into the concept. It breaks down xG in a manner that’s easy to grasp, ensuring no trader is left behind.

For those who did UFT, you will know how easy to understand things are made to be.

The module doesn’t shy away from debunking common misconceptions around xG. It walks you through the potential misinterpretations and how to sidestep them—a pathway to avoiding blunders that could cost you a dime. I found a few of my own assumptions were totally wrong and the numbers that were explained made more sense.

The discussion around xG “Flaws”, the ‘xG Penalty’, and understanding the variance between ‘Team xG Vs Match xG’ are insightful segments. They equip you with a realistic lens to view xG data, setting a clear boundary between its capabilities and limitations. xG is probably the best statistic we now have access to but we can’t expect it to perform miracles, there are still other things we need to check.

Here’s a look at some of these intriguing methodologies:

1. The xG Translation Code:

One of the prime highlights of the course is the revelation of how xG numbers translate into significant chances and goals being “overdue.” The concept intrigued me as it moves beyond mere data interpretation to a level of predictive analysis that could be a cornerstone for identifying profitable trading opportunities.

When you are watching a match live you get a “feel” for when a goal is coming and this is similar but I can now do it on loads of matches all happening at the same time.

2. The Flaw of the xG Leader:

This section provides a deep dive into the common pitfalls traders might stumble upon when interpreting xG data, especially the misleading notion of the xG leader. Recognizing and sidestepping these flaws could be a game-changer in making more informed trading decisions.

3. Superiority Difference Concept:

The course introduces a fascinating concept called “Superiority Difference” to predict match winners. It’s about spotting trading opportunities before the average Joe on the exchange gets a whiff of it.

4. Predicting Shock Results:

One of the sections that had me on the edge of my seat was the methodology to predict shock results as they begin to unfold. It’s definitely one of the hardest skills in the game, and the course does a stellar job of breaking down this complex skill into a learnable format.

I previously never bothered with backing underdogs or laying favourites. Whenever I tried to “match-read” and go against the favourite, the favourite would take the lead immediately.

But the xG criteria aspect has changed this somewhat and the Hotdog strategy is a pretty genius approach to taking advantage.

5. Attack Momentum Graphs:

The course teaches how to blend the use of Attack Momentum graphs alongside xG data, a combination that could be a formidable weapon in your trading arsenal. It’s a free tool but when paired with xG, it’s like having an extra pair of eyes on the match.

These advanced methodologies were not just illuminating but also evoked a sense of excitement as I ventured through them.

I have been a UFT member for 5 years but trading football for longer than that and this is the first uniquely “new” thing I have seen in a long, long time.

The course has done a stellar job of not just introducing these concepts but breaking them down into digestible, actionable insights. Each of these advanced topics adds a new arrow to your trading quiver, making you a more versatile and informed trader on the Betfair exchange.

The prospect of applying these advanced concepts in real-time trading scenarios is what makes the course a captivating journey.

It’s not just about the knowledge imparted, but the potential of what that knowledge could unlock in the live football trading arena.

The course sets the stage for not just understanding and interpreting xG data, but mastering it to a level where you could potentially have a significant edge over the trading competition.

Trading Strategies: The Core of the Course

The course unfolds a slew of strategies, each with its unique approach toward leveraging xG data for profitable trading. Here’s some of my favourites:

The Dominator xG™ Strategy

This strategy is quite well known but applying it using the xG data has been a gamechanger for it. I have caught some nice trades at nice odds consistently above 2.0 by following the criteria. The success-rate is pretty stunning.

The Hot Dog xG™ Strategy

This one focuses on identifying overperforming underdogs using xG data—a gateway to spotting matches where the underdog is creating quality chances, thus being undervalued by the market.

I never really had much luck with backing underdogs or laying favourites before but this strategy has helped hugely with that.

The Drifter xG™ and The +PlusOne xG™ Strategies

These strategies were totally NEW concepts to me and they further hone in on the application of xG data in different market scenarios, each providing a distinct approach toward maximizing profitability based on real-time match analytics.

The Plus 1 and Plus 2 strategies were most intriguing as I didn’t even notice these markets before, let alone traded them.

Seasonal Transformation: The Impact on My Trading

With the methodologies from this course in my arsenal, this new season was akin to trading with a sharpened blade.

The xG criteria, particularly on the Over/Under 1.5 Goals and Over/Under 2.5 Goals markets, refined my market entry and exit points, making each trade a well-calculated move.

The Dynamic Duo: Fireball Xtreme and xG Calculator

Employing Fireball Xtreme alongside the xG Calculator has been like having a seasoned trading companion. The synergy between these tools enabled swift identification of trading opportunities, significantly boosting my trading profitability.

I can not reveal too much in this review as it is public facing. But if you spot a goal overdue on the calculator on 70 minutes then open up the fireball xtreme trade and just wait for the fireworks.

With all the time added on in matches these days, it has been extremely lucrative.

Who Stands to Benefit?

The course has a broad spectrum appeal, but in my estimation, traders with foundational knowledge in football trading would find it to be a goldmine. That means those who know how to trade but just need that bit of extra help with match reading, stat reading or just finding good trades to do.

The advanced strategies provide a substantial leap towards mastering the art of trading with xG data.

Is This For You?

Navigating the intricacies of the Betfair football trading landscape requires more than just a cursory knowledge of the sport. It’s a blend of strategic acumen, analytical prowess, and a dash of curiosity to explore beyond the obvious. The “xG Football Trading” course comes as a beacon of knowledge for a variety of individuals. Let’s delve into who stands to gain the most from this course:

Who’s in the Sweet Spot?

  1. The Seasoned Yet Struggling Traders: If you’ve been around the football trading block but haven’t quite hit your stride, this course could be the bridge to turning your trading game around. The fresh perspective on using xG data could very well be the missing link in your trading strategy.
  2. The Greenhorns: New to football trading? This course lays down a solid foundation, particularly with its exhaustive dive into understanding xG data in Module One, setting you up for a fruitful trading journey ahead.
  3. The Pick-Strugglers: Knowing how to trade is one thing; picking out profitable trades is another ball game. If you often find yourself in a pickle on which trades to pick, the strategies laid down in this course could be your guiding light.
  4. The Success-Seekers: Already tasting success but hungry for more? There’s always room for growth, and the advanced strategies in this course could add a new dimension to your existing trading playbook.
  5. The Curious Cats: If you’re someone with a nose for new money-making avenues and open to exploring new trading strategies, the insights from this course could open up a new profitable playground.

Who Should Give it a Miss?

However, it’s not all roses. There are certain individuals who might find this course to be a mismatch for their current circumstances. It’s best to steer clear if:

  1. Betfair’s a Foreign Land: Without access to a betting exchange like Betfair, the strategies taught in this course would be like a car without fuel.
  2. The Lazy Bones: Success in football trading demands a proactive approach. If you shy away from putting in the effort, this course might not change your fortunes.
  3. Impatience is Your Middle Name: Patience is a virtue in trading. If waiting for the right trading opportunity makes you antsy, you might want to reconsider.
  4. Get-Rich-Quick Dreamers: This course is not a magic wand to overnight wealth. It’s about building a sustainable trading strategy over time.
  5. Financial Trouble? If you’re in financial hot water looking to make a quick buck, this course might not be the lifebuoy you need.
  6. Betting Exchange Bewilderment: A basic understanding of what a betting exchange is, is non-negotiable. Without it, the course content might seem like hieroglyphics.

The “xG Football Trading” course is a well-structured, insightful journey into elevating your football trading game.

Yet, it’s crucial to align your current circumstances and trading acumen with what the course has to offer. The right match could well be the launchpad to a successful trading adventure, while a misfit could lead to a journey fraught with frustration.

Conclusion: A Pinnacle Resource for UFT Members

The “xG Football Trading” course is more than a guide; it’s a formidable companion for those earnest about advancing their football trading journey.

For us UFT members, this course is akin to unearthing a goldmine of insightful strategies and practical tools like the xG Calculator.

The comprehensive xG data analysis, the array of actionable strategies, and the practical tools it avails, make it a compelling choice.

In a realm where the margin between success and loss is razor-thin, having the “xG Football Trading” course as an ally could very well be the keystone for a victorious trading saga.

The depth of knowledge, the pragmatic approach, and the hands-on tools it provides make it an unmissable opportunity for UFT members to enrich their trading arsenal and navigate the Betfair football trading landscape with a seasoned compass.

I was delighted with what I learned inside XFT and I think I learned more than I was expecting to learn.

If you have the cash for the investment then it is a no-brainer to get involved, this will only make you better. 


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