Master the CUTTING EDGE new trends in football trading and see how we interpret xG data so we can reliably read and...

PROFIT from football matches without even watching them!

xG football trading

"Just the training" for those who don't need strategies.

  • xG Football Trading Full Video Course
  • Lay The Draw xG™ Strategy
  • The xG Calculator


xG football trading

The "Premier League" package which includes 4 xG specific strategies.

  • xG Football Trading Full Video Course
  • The Dominator xG Strategy
  • Lay The Draw xGStrategy
  • The Hot Dog xGStrategy
  • Lay The Leader xGStrategy
  • Live Trades Library Unlimited Access
  • The xG Calculator


Subtitles Included In: Italian, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian & German.


A new dawn in football trading is here... 

The biggest technological leap for over a decade has occurred and the advent of AI has meant that we can now reliably let Artificial Intelligence watch and read football matches for us and give us accurate insights into the action on the pitch. 

Imagine having the sharpest football brains watching matches for you and then giving you an accurate forecast on what is about to happen next?

It is already happening.

Once you learn how to follow and interpret XG Football Data in-play it will allow you to trade football with ease.

No need to intensely WATCH the match. (The XG data will show you opportunities.)

Trade MULTIPLE matches at once without losing focus. (More volume means more potential profits)

No DEEP knowledge of the game required. (Newbie friendly, you are just following the FACTS.)

No Confusing Software Required. (The data is available to view for FREE!)

All you will be doing is looking out for the simple to follow data triggers and then acting upon it with a trading strategy which will allow you to lock in a profit no matter the final result.

Does this sound good to you? Keep reading... 

Andrew M Wow! I thought I had seen it all in football trading but this is a breath of fresh air to me!


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Instant Access to the XG Football Trading video course which includes the following:


The XG football data is easy to see but hard to understand. And misinterpreting can lead to HUGE mistakes.

But by the time you are done with this course, you will have a full understanding of how to interpret it and spot PROFITABLE opportunities before anyone else. 

And without even watching the match. 

You are going to discover hidden tips, little known tricks and never before revealed secrets that only true Master traders know and understand. 


  • xG Cognizance - Explains XG in full for anyone who is a beginner to the concept (no need to learn XG first, everything explained quickly for you)
  • Debunks common misconceptions and misunderstandings about XG (Few fully understand it!)
  • The BEST websites and Apps to use to find this data (and FREE to use, no extra payments)
    A full on comparison of the different data sources (
    including the pros and cons)
    The XG "Flaws" - You will learn
    what Xg can and also can’t do. (So your expectations are set!)
    The xG Penalty - How to avoid making a common (but fatal) newbie mistake
    The Understanding Of
    Team XG Vs Match XG (plus the time of the match when XG patterns are optimal)
  • The Magic Numbers - How To Use XG To PREDICT Goals In-Play

All Explained In Highly Detailed Video Tutorials.

A full detailed tutorial on XG data including how to find it for free and how the numbers TRANSLATE into football trading opportunities..

This includes an in-depth real life tutorial showing how XG is calculated in-play so you have a 3D understanding. 

Including more advanced concepts and methods...

  • The XG translation code – How the numbers translate into significant chances and goals being “overdue”.
  • The flaw of the XG leader (and where people go wrong with this)
  • The concept of “Superiority Difference” when trying to predict match winners. (Spot opportunities before your average trader!)
  • How to use xG to predict SHOCK results as they begin to develop (one of the hardest skills in the game!)
  • Using xG to predict LATE GOALS (includes learning the concept of xSxG)
  • How to use Attack Momentum graphs alongside xG (another weapon in your armour, free to use)
  • How to use Price Action alongside xG (Get an EXTRA bit of confirmation for your trade)
  • The newer concepts of xA and xGOT are also explained

    And much, much more...

How to find the best in-play triggers and criteria... 

You will learn our secret formula for reading the charts to study price action alongside the xG criteria to confirm or reaffirm a potential trade...

And how to use this alongside Attack Momentum for more criteria to find the best trading opportunities (all FREE to use!) 

Once you learn how to interpret the XG data, you will also learn the most optimal football trading strategies to use to take advantage..

STRATEGY 1 - The Dominator xG™ 

A new spin on a classic football trading strategy.

You will learn how to use the xG criteria to detect dominant teams using the simple to work out "Supremacy Difference" calculation. 

The Dominator strategy itself is extremely beginner friendly. We show you step by step, how to open the trade, how to close the trade and how to take action when the trade goes wrong based on the xG criteria. 

View tons of matches traded with this system in our Live Trade Library

Including EVERY move behing how we made this profit in Sweden

And how we spotted a huge opportunity in a hard to call match. 

Dean B If people think xG is useless/pointless it is because they don't understand how to use it. It has been INCREDIBLY accurate in my testing. Like a bit of a cheat code!!!!

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The old meets the NEW. 

Most seasoned football traders know how to "lay the draw", however the problem comes from knowing which matches to use the strategy on. 

We show you the optimal xG criteria to look for to trigger a LTD trade alongside the optimal time to enter the match.

You will also learn the ideal price to look for and early indications suggest this xG entry criteria has an 81% strike-rate which is GOLD for football traders. 

You will discover the exact criteria and triggers to allow you to spot lay the draw opportunities with a high strike-rate, even late on like this...

Steve H, Pro Football Trader

I want to let people know they will quickly pick it up and learn how the numbers translate. I no longer worry about trying to see how the match is playing out, the data is the facts and that can guide me better. I have been profitable for 5 years but this will make life easier somewhat. 

STRATEGY 3 - The Hot Dog xG

Once you learn how to use the xG criteria to predict potential shocks in football it is time to get involved with the most advanced football trade of all, backing underdogs. 

The Hot Dog strategy is specially designed to allow you to profit when you call it right but break even when you don't. 

Since underdogs can be so tricky to predict, it is important to have some INSURANCE on our side which you will learn in this particular strategy. 

You will see how we use the Hot Dog xG in low risk ways that can create BIG profits like this one... 

And see how we used xG to find an opportunity to make this profit with just a £50 stake. 

And allowed this XFT member to make this profit with just a £7 stake.

And then again, turning £7 stake into £154 profit in a shocking defeat for Bayern Munich.  


Most newbie football traders are AFRAID of doing this but by the time you have watched this video you will be EXCITED to do this. 

When you interpret the xG data correctly, you can quickly identify teams who are winning but unlikely to hold on to that lead so we can oppose them.

We show you the OPTIMAL xG criteria to look for to find these opportunities and a very simple strategy to take advantage of it. 

Remember, this is not about having a complicated or fancy strategy and all about using the xG criteria to find profitable trading angles.  

You will see how we use the xG Superiority Difference criteria to identify leaders to lay..

And how we can use this strategy to profit in a low risk, high reward way.

Gary S, Beginner Football Trader

I am good at the strategies but I must admit I am really bad at match reading. The opening tutorials highlighted just how bad I am but I no longer need to worry about that. Having much better results using the stats and XG. I was just about to give up on football trading but this has shown me the path! 





The Drifter xG™

This is where things get a bit more advanced.

You will learn how to use the xG criteria to identify when the goals are NOT expected and below the typical average goal line.

This strategy will then show you a low risk way to take advantage of these scenarios with early indications suggesting a strike-rate of around 91%.


The +PlusOne xG™  

Now we are starting to go where no football trader has gone before and this strategy is slightly liquidity sensitive. 

You will learn how to use the xG criteria to work out when teams are "missing" a goal and we will head over to the +1 Asian Handicap market to open a trade on there. 

This is definitely for the more advanced football trader. 

All trades demonstrated in the course via video streaming. You discover the precise criteria and see how we traded it. 


The +PlusTwo xG™  

You will learn how to translate the xG data and find matches where teams have an undeserved TWO goal lead.

We will then head to the +2 Asian Handicap market and open a trade there. 

These markets are liquidity sensitive which is why this strategy is only available in the Platinum level for a limited time only.  

You will see how we use the xG criteria to find qualifiers for this low risk and consistent football trading strategy. 

Joe D

Glad to be one of the first to sample this and NO I am not being paid to say this, I actually paid for the advanced access and it is cracking.

I have been back and forth with football trading for years but finding the trades was my big problem. 

In a short space of time I am suddenly improving my strike-rate and my confidence has improved hugely. 

You can use this as my testimonial if you like? Thanks again!

ALSO INCLUDED: The XG Calculator 

(Note: This calculator is to be used with Microsoft Excel Only.)

If you want to speed up the xG calculations and especially if you are trading multiple matches, this xG calculator can be HUGELY helpful.

Just enter the current score and the xG numbers and it will automatically translate the numbers into potential opportunities.

You can quickly see if more goals are due (and to who) alongside the projected Match Result at that point in time. 

For example, if the Away Team are winning but the projected Match Result is a Home Win then you can be pretty confident about laying that Away team.

This is perfect for newbies to xG to use alongside the in-play trading.

And includes FULL Real Life demonstrations showing how we used the xG calculator to help us spot profitable trading opportunities like above.

ALSO AVAILABLE: First Half xG ebook

(Note: This is available separately and arrives as a PDF ebook.)

You will learn a UNIQUE laying strategy to be used on the first half goals market where we are looking for that single first half goal to be scored.

Most importantly, you will learn the OPTIMAL xG criteria to look for to trigger this system and the OPTIMAL time of the first half to get involved to keep it as low risk as possible. 

Profiting from a first half goal can be lucrative on it's own or to be used as LEVERAGE for bets and trades on the rest of the match.

There is NO trading involved with this system which is why it is available separate to the main packages. Perfect for those with an interest in the first half markets.

Presented by expert football investor, Jon Grantham. It is packed with REAL LIFE examples including how we made the above profit in the Newcastle Vs Dortmund match.

Is This For You?

Here is a list of people that are most suited to XG Football Trading. 

  • Those with football trading experience who haven't yet cracked it.
  • Those who are new to football trading. 
  • Those who know how to trade football but struggle with picking out trades. 
  • Those who already have some success and want to learn a few extra things. 
  • Those who are just curious and open minded to new money making ideas.

Please AVOID buying if you fit one of the following

  • You have no access to a betting exchange such as Betfair
  • You are Lazy.
  • You have no patience. 
  • You are looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • You are in financial trouble and want to make money quick.
  • You have no understanding of what the Betting Exchange is. 



xG football trading

"Just the training" for those who don't need strategies.

  • xG Football Trading Full Video Course
  • Lay The Draw xGStrategy
  • The xG Calculator


xG football trading

The "Premier League" package which includes 4 xG specific strategies.

  • xG Football Trading Full Video Course
  • The Dominator xG Strategy
  • Lay The Draw xGStrategy
  • The Hot Dog xGStrategy
  • Lay The Leader xGStrategy
  • Live Trades Library Unlimited Access
  • The xG Calculator


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