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​Is Lay The Draw and Backing 1-1 Correct Score a good insurance strategy to trade football with on Betfair?

 In this video I am going to take a deep look at a method that many have spoken about for years and I am going to see if there is any sort of mathematical edge in it.

For over a decade now, football traders all over have looked at ways to improve the original lay the draw strategy. For many, the problem being that the dreaded scenario of a 0-0 coming up can cause them to take a loss.

But in this video I show you that the 1-1 scoreline is actually more frequent than 0-0 and perhaps that is the scoreline we should be worrying about. And many have wondered if backing the 1-1 scoreline in the Correct Score market could offer some insurance against that possibility and make it easier to profit.

However, the way that the majority have been approaching using 1-1 insurance is all wrong.

I will show you the best way to approach this way of trading and a lot more.

------- HERE IS WHAT TO EXPECT --------

1 – Step by Step Instruction to show you the TYPICAL way to use Lay The Draw + 1-1

2 - A real life demonstration of this on a match between Blackburn and Newcastle that highlighted the BIG flaws of this approach.

3 – How to use this strategy at a more opportune time of the match

 4 – Step by Step Instruction of the BEST way to use this method

5 - Live Demonstration of the method recorded on Betfair (Watch out for the crazy Brighton-West Ham trade)

 6 – I answer the question of “Is there an EDGE?”.

7– I then show you how to calculate the potential edge on future opportunities so you can spot these for yourself.


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