The Orientation Module

A brief rundown of a few rules and tips before you begin exploring the strategies. Make sure to watch this first!

Strategy 1 - The Fireball

Discover the best way to trade and win on the Over/Under 1.5 Goals market. A strategy with an 80%+ strike-rate!

Strategy 2 - Fireball Reloaded

A more volatile version of the original fireball method. Bigger risks but BIGGER profits from this goal market method!

Strategy 3 - The Snowball Method

Discover the formula for trading the Under 2.5 Goals markets whilst minimising risks and maximising profits!

Strategy 4 - The Snowball Reloaded

A neat twist on the original snowball method. Discover a high value opportunity to take advantage of in the second half!

Strategy 5 - The ReBack Method

A "Match Odds" strategy to employ when certain conditions arise. Gain extra value on short price favourites in-play!

Strategy 6 - The ReBack Reloaded

A souped up version of the original method. Designed to be used in the second half to make even BIGGER profits.

Strategy 7 - The ReLay Strategy

A unique way of opposing teams that are lacking in confidence. Discover ​a way to win even when no goals are scored!

Strategy 8 - The Relay Reloaded

Possibly the BEST strategy in the package. A low risk but HIGH reward strategy formula for laying certain teams in-play!

Final Tips & Advice

A quick team talk and some final bonus tips before you head out into the markets with these strategies.